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First Name: Chuck
Last Name: Hedberg
Phonenumber: 2169654736
E-mail address:
Address: 1198 Dover Drive
City: Medina
State: OH
Zip Code: 44256
Option: New Client
PlacementLocation: outer_bicep
Option: Right Side
Description of your tattoo concept: Just retired and want to get first tattoo. I ride a Harley and interested in the Guardian statue from the bridge but instead of holding a truck, holding a ultra classic. Would like the Harley Bar and Shield as the “base” with the Guardian on top.
File: User did not upload any files
Option: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Availability Restrictions I’m retired and pretty open schedule wise. Would be willing to pay for consult or artwork write-ups.
Traveling From: Medina OH
Option: No – If NO, please read my Booking Info and FAQ pages before proceeding. By submitting this form you agree to all information & polices.
Option: search

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