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First Name: Ross
Last Name: Faetanini
Phonenumber: 3308195684
E-mail address:
Address: 2301 Madison Ave.
City: Newport News
State: VA
Zip Code: 23604
Option: New Client
PlacementLocation: torso_ribs
Option: Left Side
Description of your tattoo concept: Want a black and grey representation of the since removed "Rotaynah" sculpture by Peter Wolf Toth tattooed on my left side ribs, from below the chest to just above the waist sized about the total area of a fully outstretched hand. Images of the sculpture can be found online but the statue is a Native American head with headband and feathers carved from a tree.

I do not necessarily want a direct copy of the statue itself, more an embodiment of it. I do however want the tattoo to look wooden and carved, weathered, hardened, eerie and downnright badass. I am extremely open to letting the artist take the concept and turn it into something I do not posses the artistic vision to come up with. I love how crude and unpolished your chainsaw massacre tattoo (23/31 on portfolio) is and think that style would be really cool.

The statue was completed in 1985 as apart of Toth's "Whispering Giants" series. It was located on West Market street in Akron, just outside my grandparents old house where I basically grew up and it just recently had to be taken down due to rotting of the wood.

Option: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Availability Restrictions I will only be in Akron for the dates of 12/19/2021 through 12/30/2021. Open availability during that timeframe minus holidays.
Traveling From: Fort Eustis, Virginia
Option: Yes
Option: search

Best regards, S.Versago

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